Studioata sul libro SMALL + SMART INTERIORS !


Il progetto Escena Variable – Casa Marian di Studioata è stato pubblicato su SMALL + SMART INTERIORS di David Andreu Bach edito da booqpublishing.

“The projects in this book convey the ingenuity and skill of architects and designers who create interesting, but smaller-sized, living environments. These spaces suggest lifestyles which, while not typical, seek to maintain basic standards of quality and comfort. 
The designs of these environments are the result of a search for superior functional flexibility that makes the most of every inch of space.
Among the imaginative solutions in evidence are walls that contain and conceal household equipment, or furnishings that can be moved to create different areas. 
Although some are based on simple items of furniture, and others are highly experimental prototypes, all the projects in this volume reveal unquestionable architectural sensitivity.”

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